Bubble Fun Includes

Bubble Fun Includes:

  • Beautiful colourful bubbles as small as a flea and large enough for an adult to climb inside
  • The rare ‘Square Bubble’…yes a square bubble!
  • The Volcano Bubble – smoke billowing out of a bubble – ON YOUR HAND!!
  • Funny Bubble Hat and Bubble Ice Cream
  • The Space Rocket Bubble – 3,2,1, we have lift-off!!
  • The Caterpillar Bubble
  • The Carousel Bubble
  • Bubble in a bubble
  • …and so much more!
And the show stopper – Kid in a bubble, yes kids and adults get put inside a giant bubble…cameras ready!!
Volcano Bubble In Kids Hand
Kids Soap Bubble Hat
Bubble Icecream Cone
Brisbane Floating Bubble Hands