How much do the Bubble Shows cost?

The cost of the Bubble Workshop and the Bubble Show depends on several factors, number of kids, location, date and time of show, number of shows required. Contact me with some details and I will send you the cost.

Where are you based?

I am based in Brisbane, Australia and most of my shows happen within the greater Brisbane area and surrounding cities. I am happy to travel within Queensland or interstate for larger events.

A Little Bit About Soap Bubbles…

  • Although the bubble recipe that I use in my bubble show has taken several years to perfect and is a trade secret, you can easily make your own bubbles juice by following this simple recipe; 7 parts water, 3 parts Morning Fresh Original detergent, 1 part glycerine (from your chemist). Gently mix together in a clean container and leave overnight.
  • The enemy of soap bubbles is hot dry air, they don’t like it. Humid days are good and rainy days are great. Rain will not pop soap bubbles so get a bubble mixture together, some coats on and head off into the back garden and get the kids blowing bubbles, this is the best fun kids can have.
  • Bubbles are actually all around us, in soda drinks, in our blood, in balls and balloons, in running water, coming out of a gold fish’s mouth, in clouds, floating on the ocean. Keep a look out for them.
  • I think the fascination with soap bubbles is they are so beautiful, with amazing colours including shades of gold, amazing deep blues and all the colours of a rainbow, but, they only last a short period of time, in my opinion, not enough time, so when one bubble bursts I want to make another so I can continue to look at its shape and colour as it drifts dreamily into the air until it is out of sight.
  • A soap bubble is, after all, just a pocket of air, trapped by a thin elastic mixture of mainly soap and water. Did you know that if your hands are wet, you can catch a bubble on your hand and if it has been raining, bubbles will land on wet surfaces without popping, well at least for a short time. I got a giant bubble to land on the road outside my house…I was shocked to see it sitting there as cars drove past..even got a photo of it.
  • One thing I have noticed when blowing a bubble on a cold day, they float a lot higher due to my warm breath. We all know hot air rises and having a warm bubble will cause it to float up through the cold air – interesting. Try blowing bubbles on hot and cold days and see for yourself.
  • Have fun trying different items to make beautiful bubbles, a paper clip, a straw, a wire coat hanger, a cookie cutter, a cardboard toilet tube, a bracelet, a necklace. All these items will make bubbles big and small, take a look around you, use your imagination and see what else you can use…a fish slice…yes there are so many items you can use and I use some in my bubble show.
  • I just did a Google search for bubble show, the words ‘bubble show’ returned over 6 million results, that’s a lot of bubbles so if you have found this website www.TheBubbleShow.com.au congratulations and I hope it was the 1st click and not the 6 millionth.
  • Well that’s a little bit about bubbles, please contact me to book a bubble show or if you require any further information about my bubble shows.